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Anhydrous sodium sulphate

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  First, the basic information:
  Yuanming powder is a common name for anhydrous sodium sulfate with a content of 99% or more and a large number of eyes. It is an inorganic sulfate compound, which is commonly known as mirabilite. Anhydrous sodium sulfate is easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline; the appearance is usually white powder or colorless crystal, odorless, slightly bitter, easy to absorb and deliquesce in the air, widely used in glass manufacturing, chemical industry, textile , paper, metallurgy, medical, chemical analysis, aquaculture and other industries.
  Second, classification
  First-class products (content 99.2% or more): mainly used in printing and dyeing, glass manufacturing, various fillers, synthetic detergents, vinylon and so on.
  By-product yuan Ming powder
  One is about 94%, has white agglomerates, but is easy to break, has no chloride ions, and is more suitable as a cement grinding aid.
  Third, commonly used packaging:
  50 kg woven bag
  Fourth, product use:
  Yuanming powder is used in chemical industry to produce sodium sulfide, ultramarine blue and sodium silicate;
  Instead of soda ash as a co-solvent in glass manufacturing;
  Used as a filling material for washing industrial synthetic detergents;
  The textile industry is used to blend vinylon spinning coagulants;
  A cooking agent used in the paper industry for the manufacture of kraft pulp;
  Used in non-ferrous metallurgy, leather and other aspects.
  It can be used as a buffer in sulphate galvanizing to stabilize the pH of the bath.
  The dosage of sodium sulfate is generally 0.5% to 2% of the mass of cement, which can increase the early strength of concrete by 50% to 100%. The strength of 28 days is sometimes increased, sometimes decreased, and the increase is about 10%. With the variety and curing conditions of cement. It varies with its amount. It is also used as a filler for synthetic detergents, and is also used in the paper industry, the glass industry, the chemical industry, the textile industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. 9. Used as an analytical reagent, such as a dehydrating agent, a digestive catalyst for nitrogen determination, and an interference inhibitor in atomic absorption spectrometry. Also used in the pharmaceutical industry
  Fifth, the production process:
  1. In the beach method, salt water containing sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride and the like is poured into the beach in the summer, and evaporated by the sun, and the palmite is precipitated in the winter. Advantages: simple process and low energy consumption. Disadvantages: easy to mix impurities.
  2. Mechanical freezing method, using the mechanical equipment to heat and evaporate the raw material liquid and then freeze to -5~-10 °C to precipitate Glauber's salt. Advantages: Not affected by the season, high purity. Disadvantages: high energy consumption.
  3. Salt Lake Comprehensive Utilization Law. The beach method and the mechanical freezing method are suitable for processing seawater-type brines containing Na, Mg, Cl, and SO4 as main components and various other mirabilites. Since the solubility of sodium sulfate is rapidly reduced at low temperatures, the crude mirabilite can be separated from the brine according to the phase equilibrium relationship of the water-salt system.
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