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What are the requirements for packaging and transportation of Yuanming powder?




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What are the requirements for packaging and transportation of Yuanming powder?

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  What we know is that Yuanming powder is also called sodium sulfate. Yuanming powder is a kind of white fine-grained crystal or powder. Yuanming powder is hygroscopic, soluble in water, easy to absorb and deteriorate in moist air, then Yuanming powder should be How to package and store? Let's take a look at the requirements for storing Yuan Ming powder.
  1. On the packaging, when packaging the Yuanming powder, pay attention to the sealed storage, seal the opening, prevent the leakage of Yuanming powder due to the lack of packaging, and regularly check during storage to prevent the package from being damaged. Happening.
  2. The staff should carry out special training and abide by the operating procedures. Operators should wear protective glasses, protective masks, and rubber gloves to prevent dust from reacting with Yuanming powder when entering the warehouse.
  3. When the Yuanming powder is handled, it should be handled lightly to prevent the packaging of Yuanming powder from being damaged. During the transportation process, it is also necessary to ensure that the Yuanming powder packaging is not damaged and does not collapse.
  4. Separation from other chemicals in the transportation and storage process to prevent the two chemicals from reacting. Try to ensure that Yuan Ming powder can be stored separately, and also clean the vehicle after the vehicle is transported.
  5. Because Yuanming powder has water absorption, it should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse in storage. It is necessary to ensure an indoor storage environment, avoid storing it outdoors, and store it in a sealed warehouse. Be sure not to be affected by rain, to prevent sun exposure during transportation, or to get wet when exposed to bad weather. Prevent Yuanming powder from deteriorating after water absorption.